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2024-2025 Season Tryouts

Tryouts for the 2024-25 Travel Season are completed. For those with questions please email: 

Travel teams are available for those born in 2010-2018.

You must be a resident of Millburn or Short Hills to participate.

Millburn Soccer Club is proud to continue its free membership in the U7 program for players born in 2018. 

There will be two tryout dates for U7s (2018 birth year) and U8s (2017 birth year) - players in those age groups should plan to attend both tryouts for their birth year.

Registration is mandatory; you must register in order to be considered for team placement.

A registration link for tryouts is below.


All players, including current players, must pre-register for tryouts to ensure that we have adequate staff available, and there is a $40 registration fee for each player.  Players must try out within their birth year. Schedules are subject to change -- changes will be posted to our website and registrants will be emailed updates. 

All players must register to be considered, even if they have an unavoidable conflict.  In the case of such a conflict, please email immediately.  Absent such registration and communication, the player will not be considered for placement.

Only players and their families who can commit to BOTH the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 travel soccer seasons should try out for a Millburn Soccer Club team.

What to bring (or don't):

  • Players are required to wear athletic clothing and shin guards - no one will be allowed to try out for a team if they don't have these items.
  • For those tryouts at the Soccer Palace, players may not wear cleats, but should wear turf shoes or sneakers.
  • Bring lots of water.
  • No need to bring a soccer ball.
  • Do not wear any Millburn Soccer apparel to tryouts.

2024-25 Membership Fees

Travel Team membership: $1595

This includes 2 weekly practices during the fall & spring seasons (90 minutes each), participation in fall and spring league seasons (typically 8-10 games each) and up to three tournaments at the manager's discretion.  (Some 2017 teams may play in a festival format instead of league games and tournaments if such placement would be more appropriate for that team's skill level and development.)  The program now also includes a weekly indoor turf practice during the winter season.

Membership for our "A" (most competitive) teams will also include an additional third weekly practice consisting of an hour-long tactical session during the fall & spring seasons. Eligible "A" teams will also participate in the State Cup tournament. This is in addition to those benefits listed above. The fee for these teams will be $1795.  If your child is offered this membership, it will be listed in his or her offer letter.

The 2018 program remains free but MSC requires a $100 administrative fee for the full season.


2024-2025 Team Formation Details

MSC plans to organize all 2024-25 travel teams by birth year. 

The partial exception is that U15 and U14 players – 2010 and 2011 players – will be organized into one joint group for tryouts and may be considered jointly for team formation (and if so, placed into U15).  Combining these birth years would allow us to continue to offer our older eighth graders (i.e., 2010s), who otherwise would usually not have enough players to form teams at the same age, a home, especially as many of them have played in MSC their entire careers.  Many other clubs in the area take the same approach, so any U15 teams will typically be matched up with similarly formed teams and ages next year, rather than being matched up against “older” kids.  However, if based on tryout results there are enough players to form balanced and competitive teams at both the U14 and U15 levels, MSC may decide to offer separate teams for both birth years.  Similarly, if MSC believes that inclusion of U15 players will be detrimental to our offerings at this level as a whole, it reserves the right to not offer a program for these players.  MSC does not guarantee placement for any players who try out at any age level.

Millburn Soccer Club has made a commitment to the community to field as many teams and to accommodate as many committed players as is practical.  Although tryouts will be organized the same way we expect to form teams, MSC will continue to retain the flexibility to form teams based on subscription and ability levels in specific age groups.  Thus, it is possible that MSC could decide to combine eligible players from two different birth years into one if there were not enough remaining players in their age groups for a team and the combined team would be sufficiently competitive.  We will also continue to regularly self-evaluate in order to determine whether further improvements can be made to our program, and welcome our members’ feedback.

We know that team formation can be a sensitive topic. There is no system that is perfect.  But after our review of the applicable data and based on the overwhelming support of our membership, we truly feel that this is the best approach for our Club as we continue to provide the best environment for our players to achieve at the highest levels.